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We believe in you and the opportunity to become all that God has called YOU to be. Each of us has a destiny to fulfil as we reveal the image and likeliness of God to change our world. We believe the need to be a multi-generational focused Church, which links with all ages and people towards making disciples strong and empowering each other to serve God.

Join Us Every Sunday
at 9.30am

WELCOME – While we would love the opportunity to get to know you and your family, regrettably, we have postponed having a cuppa after service at this time; however, this is under review.

UB Kids Church recess update.

We plan to review this as the season unfolds, but in the meantime, we do encourage families to enjoy the opportunity we have to be in church. As a church family, we embrace having children with us, and our current distanced seating allows room for extra chairs to accommodate families sitting together.